How to be in the woods

Learning how to be in woodlands with Forest School How to ‘be’ in the woods

A woodland is different from anywhere else. It requires a certain way of moving, or seeing, or listening to make the most of it. We all knew how to do it when we were children. And with a bit of practice we soon get the hang of it again. At Wild Learning we have many ways to help our participants develop their observation skills and enhance their senses.

We also help the children to learn how to look after themselves effectively. Whether putting up tarpaulins in order to make themselves comfortable and cosy in wet weather or building shelters to make “homes” to enhance their sense of wellbeing. This activity may inspire a group to make an entire “village” with winding paths connecting their individual dwellings.

Being in healthy, abundant woodland also means understanding that there is a code of practice required in order to make sure they stay that way. By having a positive experience the children develop an appreciation of this valuable resource and an understanding of the need to look after it.