What they say

“Although this was his second visit, Alexander was a little apprehensive as his big sister was not with him. No need to worry, within minutes he had found a new friend and when I came to pick him up he was high fiving everyone, telling them he would be back for the rest of the week (this was news to me). He loved it!”

“It’s lovely to come at teatime to a beautiful forest to collect your exhausted, happy, filthy child who has spent their whole day exploring that forest and all that it has to offer, with lots of other children and imaginative, talented and evidently very energetic leaders! It should be a compulsory part of all children’s holiday time! I also really like to be able to support the National Trust by using their properties in this way. My friend whose children joined mine had never been to Winkworth before and now is most definitely sold!”

“The perfect antidote to the standard summer activity camp. We know this is woodland education, but as far as the children concerned it’s just mucking about in the woods and they love it. Even when it rains.”

“My two boys aged 9 and 11 absolutely loved Wild Learning. They usually can’t bear holiday clubs. This time they came out laughing, happy, dirty asking when they could do it again. Thank you so much.”

“Wild learning is what summer holidays ought to be. It really appealed to my daughters’ love of adventure and the outside. It was difficult dragging them away!”

“We were really impressed that at all times you put the children first, cancelling the first day we booked due to severe weather conditions and rebooking in a day of our choice with absolutely no problems – very refreshing in a world where a lot of children’s activities run by other companies who prioritise profit over children’s happiness.”

“My three children had a fabulous day. They didn’t stop talking about it all the way home. They made new friends, played games, made dens and set up camp. They also had great fun climbing up and sliding down steep hills. From my perspective the staff couldn’t have been friendlier. I was running late and they were so understanding about my situation. Thank you to one and all.”

“I was greeted with the words “Can I come back tomorrow” after her first day.”

“A fantastic experience for my child – she came back every evening with loads to chat about and a great big grin! I was just overjoyed that I found a safe environment for my child to get to know the outdoors without me having to worry about a thing. Brilliant concept and so great for kids to be a part of.”

“Where do I start! I have 2 children with different needs and expectations of what makes a good day. Day 1, my daughter didnt want to go, tears, tantrums and refusal to leave the house. Gentle persuasion got her there, 5 hours later, couldn’t get her away, hugging her new best friends, pleading to return the next day. Both my kids had an amazing day and have returned for more. They loved making bow and arrows, I seem to have several in various positions around the house and garden, and the dream catcher s amazing. 2 very happy, dirty and tired children returned having spent glorious data in the outdoors. Marvellous. Thank you Wild Learning.”

“A very responsible, safety aware team of people that related to well to the children, providing real outdoor fun for all age groups – our day was so great that my husband (41) now wants to use them for his birthday party! Boys young and old all had a truly super afternoon…”

“Wild Learning’s enthusiasm is infectious. Their staff are first class and my son came home each day shattered, filthy and absolutely ecstatic. Thank you…”

“My son came home filthy dirty; smiling; ate all his tea (including veg) without complaining and went to bed happy!!! :) what more could a parent ask??!!!”

“I booked my 6 year old boy on for 1 day at Alice Holt, he knew no- one and was very apprehensive! At collection time I watched him bound back to the meeting point, with his make shift fishing rod and bow, covered in mud, chatting with his new friends! He couldn’t tell me quickly enough about his adventure and asked when he could come back.”

“Both my children had such a good day the first thing they said to me was “can we come again tomorrow, please, please, please”, Says it all I think!”

“Wild Learning’s enthusiasm is infectious. Their staff are first class and my son came home each day shattered, filthy and absolutely ecstatic. Thank you…”

“Your activities’ idea is the best in the area, I have been extremely impressed on what my son has learned during his stay with your staff, and how he is now much more aware of all that is the Forest – 2 BIG thumbs up!! Keep up the good job!”

“The girls looked like they’d come from Swallows and Amazons. Walking sticks adorned with nature’s treasures, whittled jewels and most importantly big smiles. A great success. 10 out of 10. Thank you guys.”

“Yes! Good clean (or not!) Fun. Kids shattered, messy, but bubbling with renewed enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Thank you, we will be back.”

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you for a wonderful party on Saturday. All the girls had a fantastic time and Libby loved it – the best birthday party ever! Lots of the mums have had requests for a forest party next!”

“Great to have a bunch of five-year-old girls excited about creating outdoors.”

“When I collected my son from Wild Learning, he looked so happy and told me all about everything in the car on the way home. He had such a marvellous time that we immediately booked a day for the next week.”

“My daughter loved it the people made the difference, she said they were all mad and great fun.
“At Wild Learning my children spent their days doing exactly what they should be doing. . .learning about themselves and others; exploring in nature; active and physically involved; guided by kind, experienced and talented adults; fully nourished and immersed in good, wholesome stuff; eagerly anticipating each morning; recounting their days joyfully at pick-up time; calm, grounded and ready to rest in the evening. I generally steer well clear of holiday clubs but Forest School has a difference. . .the perfect antidote to the usual crowded; over-stimulating and noisy indoor centres on offer. This generation of kids will be a far better one for this kind of invaluable experience.”

“My daughter Jessica is not keen on outdoor activities generally and I was worried she might not enjoy a whole spent participating in outdoor activities but she completed one day and absolutely loved it! When I collected her, she was the most animated she has been in a long time. I would definitely sign her up in the summer holidays.”

“It was brilliant, brilliant brilliant!” Danny, 8