Literacy Days

Literacy days

Many children struggle with literacy – for some it is a purely mechanical struggle against disability, for others the effort of acquiring the skill burns out the pleasure of reading; even more often children weaned on a diet of video games and television become desensitised to less frenetic media.

Wild Learning literacy days use our woodland spaces, and Forest School techniques to engage the whole class in the storytelling process:

  • weave a story together with classmates
  • act out a favourite adventure
  • listen to a storyteller round the campfire
  • use natural materials to create a response to the story you’ve experienced

The outdoors is a uniquely effective space to re-engage reluctant readers with the pleasure and relevance of narrative. Experiencing the wonder of live storytelling round a campfire, re-enacting a passage from a favourite book or working together to create and tell a story all engage children’s imaginations and narrative skill on a deep level. the result is a new perspective on stories and storytelling that will stay with the participants.

Wild Learning literacy days are based around specific texts at Key Stages 1 and 2. We can also build literacy days around books your class is reading, or around a topic you have been studying. Email us for more details.