Celebration Days

Marking a milestone

There can be many reasons for wanting to mark a significant event in the school calendar, but whatever the reason, the woods are a magical and unforgettable venue for the children.

Our Celebration Days are designed to mark this milestone with a whole day of activity, excitement, fun and learning. Our Forest School and Bushcraft leaders will take your children on a magical journey through the woods in which they will

  • adventure, learning how to use stealth and camouflage
  • track animals and birds, and learn how to identify plants and insects
  • make journey sticks as mementos of their journey
  • find their way to our secret woodland hideout

Once they arrive, they can:

  • learn how to make fire without matches and using materials they gather themselves
  • whittle a prehistoric tool
  • build a shelter that’s really weatherproof – and test it!
  • train their tracking skills with woodland hide and seek, the scent-tracking challenge and many other stealth games
  • build structures, pictures and sculptures from natural materials that will last all year

They’ll arrive back tired, dirty and full of stories of the adventures they’ve had. It’s a unique and truly unforgettable day.

You can email us for your nearest site or to book a day.