Holiday clubs

Holiday club
Wild Learning  holiday clubs run all day, for children from 5-12 at sites across the South East.


Remember when you were a kid?
Leaving home in the morning, and spending all day in the woods? Getting home tired and dirty having spent all day building dens, laughing, chasing your mates, lying on your back making cloud pictures?

Is every day the same?
We get asked this a lot, a legacy of people’s experiences with other holiday clubs perhaps. Every day with us is different – we never have a chance to do more than a tiny fraction of what we want to – even over a whole week!

Between fire making*, shelter building, mud sculptures, making dams, whittling, making whistles and crowns,
making mini towns, giving the trees faces, making Viking knitting machines or puppets, finding stick men, playing stealth games, learning how to make rope bridges, making and tackling assault courses, making bread or cakes on the fire, mini beast hunts, scent tracking, magic listening stones, ground pictures, story chains, drum and music games, being explorers and much much more…. We couldn’t do it all in a month, never mind a day!

So, you can book for just a day; but if you book for a week or more they’ll never have the same day twice, and they’ll never, never get bored. Find out what people say.

They’ll be tired. They’ll probably be dirty.

They’ll certainly be happy.

They’ll have learned how to live in the woods and how to make things from natural materials. More importantly they’ll have learned how to work together, how to communicate, and how to respect others and themselves.
Wild Learning holiday clubs are an innovative, proven way of allowing children to grow and develop by spending time outside in a safe and supportive environment.

At our day camps your child will take part in engaging, motivating and achievable tasks in a safe woodland area. Accompanied by trained leaders, they will make new friends and learn new skills. They’ll come home exhausted, filthy and full of the adventures they’ve had.

* Fire is permitted on certain sites only.