Woodland days

Woodland days
Whether you want to learn about ecosystems, understand how the landscape evolves or try out the skills our ancestors would have had to have, our natural  spaces are perfect to launch, complement or culminate classroom projects.

Once again thank you for a fantastic day.  Lower school
is ringing with approval of the day and our Senior
Leadership Team and Board of Directors have heard of
your wonderful work.

Email us to find out more or to arrange a woodland activity day or Download our schools leaflet here.

Wild Learning can provide tailor-made activity days that link in with your classroom projects to create an entirely new dimension to your pupils’ experience.Whether you want to complement a learning theme, culminate a project with a memorable event, or simply use our outdoor learning expertise, Wild Learning activity days can be tailored to your needs. Our wooded camps have access to unlimited natural teaching resources and lend themselves ideally to activity days based around:

  • science
  • the environment
  • history and primitive cultures
  • geography
  • engineering/construction
  • art
  • literature and storytelling
  • mathematics

Our Forest School and Bushcraft leaders guide the children through specific tasks that teach them concrete skills as well as introducing them to wider themes and topics in an unforgettable way. Our tailored programmes bring a subject to life, and provide learning opportunities that complement the classroom perfectly.

“Could you thank all your staff for the wonderful day and the exciting range of experiences that you gave our children. They went home exhausted but buzzing from all the fun that they had. Many parents came in the next day to say that their children couldn’t stop talking about it! It will be a day that they will remember for a long time and a fantastic memory of Moss Lane.”

We can tailor an activity day around your class or school’s specifc requirements. If you’d like to know more please email us.

  • Learn about primitive skills by trying them for yourselves
  • Study nature and natural processes in the wild
  • Challenge yourself with wild obstacles
  • Practice your engineering & teamwork skills

Shelter building. Think you know how to build dens? Our instructors can show you tips andtricks for building concealed shelters that will keep you dry and warm, and camouflaged! Learn the skills then have a go yourself, and see if the rest of the class can find you!




Fire making. Learn how to make fire without matches, using only the materials you find in the wood. Build a fire and cook something on it. Learn how different cultures make fire and try them for yourself.


Crafting. The woods are full of materials that you can use to make useful or just beautiful objects, with a little skill and imagination. Learn how to make a woodland crown, a whistle, jewellry, a spear, a dreamcatcher or a journey staff. Find the materials and make it yourself, then take it away as a memento of the day.



Tracking and stealth. You might think you can move quietly, but can you beat our experts? Learn how to move stealthily enough to track wild animals, and even the most demanding of prey – each other! Stealth techniques and games help you to move silently in the woods, and also teach you how animals and primitive cultures move and hunt.

Suitable for whole classes our woodland days are the perfect complement to classroom projects, using the skills and experience of our Forest School and Bushcraft leaders to bring activities to life.

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Email us to find out more or to arrange a woodland activity day.