Wild Learning – outdoor learning and adventure

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NEWForest School for pre-schoolers on Wimbledon Common and in Alice Holt Forest Farnham, starting from the Windmill car park, for more details click here

Booking now: Easter & Summer half term


Booked already? Here’s what you need to know for the day


2015 dates

We are now booking for Spring half term 2015. Our holiday club dates for all of next year are:

Alice Holt: April 7-10; May 28 & 29; Jul 23-30, Aug 4-6;

Claremont Landscape Garden: Mar 30-Apr10; May 26-29; July 21-31, Aug 10-21; Oct 26-30

Guildford: Mar 31-Apr 10; May 27-29; Jul 28-30, Aug 3-13; Oct 26-29

Highgate Wood: Mar 30-Apr 10; May 26-29; Jul 8, 9, 14-16, 21-31, Aug 3-21; Oct 26-30

Polesden Lacey:  Mar 31-Apr 9; May 27-29; Jul 22-Aug 6; Oct 27-29

Sheen Common:  Mar 31-Apr1, Apr 7-10; May 26-28; Jul 27- Aug 21; Oct 26-30

Wimbledon Common (Springwell): Mar 30-Apr 10; May 26-29; Jul 22- Aug 21; Oct 26-30

Wimbledon Common (Windmill): Mar 30-Apr 10; May 26-29; Jul 9, 15, 16, 22-31, Aug 3-20; Oct 26-30

Winkworth Arboretum: Mar 30-Apr 1, Apr 8 & 9; May 27 & 28; Jul 27-Aug 13; Oct 27-29

We believe that people are meant to be outside, that playing and learning outdoors is good – for the people who do it and for the outdoors too. We think that everyone – adults and children – should spend more time outside, and we spend our time thinking up ways that they can do just that.

We work with a range of techniques and approaches to bring people and the outdoors together. We run:

Holiday Clubs for children aged 5-12. Our holiday clubs give children the chance to play, learn, get muddy and just be kids in a safe, nurturing but wild environment.

“Yes! Good clean (or not!) Fun. Kids shattered, messy, but bubbling with renewed enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Thank you, we will be back.”

“It was brilliant, brilliant brilliant!” Danny, 8

Bushcraft activity days for schools – who can bring a group, a class or a whole Year Group to one of our sites for a day of activities with our instructors

Outdoor learning courses for schools and teachers – designed to teach teachers how to make the most of their outdoor learning opportunities, our training gives teachers everything they need to plan, deliver and assess lessons outdoors.

Corporate training. Forest school and outdoor learning techniques provide us with the perfect tools to help companies make the most of their staff. For team building, developing interpersonal or leadership skills, communication, planning, or just a de-stress day.